Top Tips for Working From Home as a Digital Marketer

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Top Tips for Working From Home as a Digital Marketer

If you make the decision to become a full time digital marketer, then you will not only be changing your career but your entire way of life. As a digital marketer you will be someone who is able to work from anywhere in the world, who does not answer to a boss and who can potentially earn much more money by running their own business with very low overheads.

But there are challenges here too. One such challenge is how you stay motivated when working from home. Another is how you go about stocking up on hardware that will offer enough power for what you need to do without breaking the bank.

This article will help you with those things and more.

Staying Motivated

One thing to keep in mind is that the phrase ‘work from home’ does not necessarily have to be literal. Think of it instead as working ‘not from an office’.

And actually, it is highly recommended that you leave the home if you want to get the most out of yourself in terms of productivity. Working in your house makes it very difficult to stay motivated and not to get distracted by your games console, the internet or the TV.

So where can you go instead? One option is to work in a coffee shop (the caffeine will help with your work for those who love caffeine but for people like me who don’t, hot chocolate will do :)). Another is to work in a public library. Either way, this is a great way to stay focused and to put yourself in a productive zone.


To do this though, you are of course going to need the right hardware. This will need to be something light and portable while remaining powerful enough to handle all the work you are going to throw at it.

So what hardware will work for you? If you are working primarily as a writer or marketer then you wouldn’t need anything particularly powerful. In this case, something like an iPad or an Android tablet will work even, along with a portable keyboard. The Universal Folding Keyboard from Microsoft is a great choice that is able to fit into a pocket.

If you need to do video editing though then you will want something with a bit more oomph that is still light. A great choice in this case is the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. This is a device that is sleek and can even be used as a tablet but is simultaneously powerful enough to power video editing software.

If you decide to rather remain home, then setting up a dedicated room with a good office desk and chair will help you stay focused. But do not forget to take a walk outside for a fresh air which will help with the relaxation of your brain, soul and mind :).

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