Women Wealth Creators(WWC)

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Starting a Small Business

Women Wealth Creators(WWC)

Believe it or not, women are divine creatures. Women are created to be great. We are blessed in so many ways and God has given us the power to become an authority if we choose to! I challenge every woman out there today to choose to be heard and be visible. There are online programs that I run which will help every woman out there who wants to establish her own empire.

Below are few questions you can answer and then take immediate action!

  1. Do you want to become an entrepreneur/Infopreneur? 
  2. Are you an established entrepreneur and a professional in your field? 
  3. Do you have a  passion which you can monetize?
  4. Are you a woman seeking to have a financial freedom and a lifestyle freedom and are ready to “TAKE ACTION”?
  5. Do you have a transferable knowledge which you can turn into an online course and monetize it or do you already run an online course but lack contents for your online course? 
  6. Do you want to become a coach in any field (health, business,lifestyle, marriage, parenting etc)? I’ve got contents for you?. 
  7. Are you a blogger but lack content and direction to monetize your blog? 
  8. Do you want to start an online store(e-commerce) but do not know where to source for products or you already have an online store but you do not want to keep stock? 
  9. Are you passionate about helping people by adding value to their lives?
  10. Are you a coach but lack contents for your coaching business?


If you answered YES to any of the above questions then this community is for you! Come on board let’s make the world a better place with our God given knowledge!


In a couple of days time, I will deliver to you a six days e-course on “starting a small business”! It will be delivered via email and the free group.


During this course, you will learn facts about starting your own successful online business!

If this course is of interest to you, jump in now and also make your self available in the group. 

If you think the course isn’t right for you at this time, you can still join the free community because there’s a lot for you to learn and achieve there. Women needs to empower each other therefore come on board and share your knowledge with others. Who knows, you can start monetizing your knowledge with what you will be learning from the community.


If you desire the year 2017 to be your year of wealth creation by God’s grace then you have to start now to TAKE ACTION!



This community is for action takers and women passionate in adding values to the lives of people so if you know you are not ready to TAKE ACTION, invest in your personal development and do the work, then this group is not for you unfortunately!

If you are not passionate about helping yourself and the people around you, then it’s not for you! 

It is only for serious powerful, action taker women who are passionate in what they do and have the strong zeal to create WEALTH!

Remember, WEALTH is not all about money! It is about so much more than just money. It is a plentiful supply of a good thing which can be widened to encompass financial, physical, social, emotional and spiritual abundance! A person that is truly wealthy will experience increase and growth in all five realms.

As you can see……we will be discussing and sharing a lot in this community that will encompass every area that can help you embrace FINANCIAL and a LIFESTYLE FREEDOM.

See you at the other side ?

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Keep Smiling xx

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