How to Sell a Dream and Understanding the Value Proposition

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How to Sell a Dream and Understanding the Value Proposition

If you are going to be charging a large amount of money for a big ticket item, then you need to make sure that what you are selling is really worth that amount of money. What’s more, you need to ensure that your potential buyers believe that it is worth that amount of money.
And this means that what you are selling essentially needs to change lives.
That sounds like a tall order but it is something you can do and you just need to know how.
Look at it this way…. No one is likely to spend $2,000 on an ebook or about fishing, about football or about how to tidy their home. This is the kind of thing that they might be happy to spend $50 on at most, but it just isn’t worth more than that.
On the other hand though, selling something that promises to make a person rich, that can help them to find love, or that can help them get the body of a god or goddess, that is something they will happily spend $2,000 on.
What is the Difference?
The strange thing to understand here is that the product can be the exact same. It can have the same number of words, the same number of hours but it is the topic that allows you to charge that much more.
What this is really all about is what is known as the “value proposition” and understanding this is the key to selling big ticket. What a value proposition basically is, is a promise to your audience. This is how you are going to change their lives and it is what your book can do to make things easier and happier for them.

What a value proposition basically is, is a promise to your audience. Click To Tweet In the case of your make-money ebook that value proposition is that you can make them rich and thereby remove all of their money stresses. On the other hand, if your book is about dating, then the value proposition is that you can help them to find happiness/romance/sex.
From here, you now need to focus on that value proposition in all your marketing and to really work on the emotional drive that will hopefully help you to make sales. Talk about how sad it is to feel alone on Valentine’s Day, or how hard it is looking in the mirror and not liking your body.
Then get them to imagine what it would be like to be in a loving relationship or to have an amazing body. Essentially you are selling a dream and dreams are priceless!

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