Profiling Your Audience

By PrincessChidimma | Branding

Profiling Your Audience

On the last issue on how to stand out from the noisy crowd, we talked about “creating a brand you care about”. If you haven’t read it, please click here to read it.

To stand out from the noisy crowd, after creating a brand you care about,The next step in creating your brand and your business model is to consider your audience. And if you want to get in-depth with this, you can even profile your audience as though they were sitting in front of you.

Try and learn and estimate as much about these people as you possibly can based on what you already know.

What is the average age of your typical reader? What is their disposable income like? What other interests do they have? Where do they hang out?

What drives them and what do they want out of life? Where can you find them?

Doing this little bit of research at the start can help you a great deal with the creation of your brand and the content you share but will be instrumental when it comes to designing your marketing campaign.

Firstly, knowing where your audience is likely to be found is one of the best ways to ensure your marketing is on-point. If you are a small business, then there’s a limit to how much marketing you can do which means you need to ensure you are efficient and accurate with it.

If your audience is very old, then they are unlikely to spend much time on ‘young’ social media platforms like Snapchat or WhatsApp. But if they are young? Then this is the perfect place to find them and to market to them!

Then again, you also need to think about what drives your audience and who they are. The reason this is so important is because it’s going to impact greatly on the type of marketing you use. This relates to a concept called your ‘value proposition’ and more broadly to the kind of message and lifestyle you’ll be promoting.

Because when we read websites about fitness, we don’t read them because we’re interested in biology (as a whole). Rather, we read them because we want to feel more confident, more energetic and more attractive. It’s the lifestyle and the emotional hook that drives us – its aspirational and vicarious.

On the other hand, people who read blogs about making money are likely to be unhappy in their current jobs. Maybe they’re driven by conventional concepts of ‘success’ and ‘achievement’. They want to be standing in a high rise skyscraper somewhere wearing a suite and knowing that their pay-check is huge.

Knowing what it is that drives your audience will make it much easier to inspire them and to get behind your brand as a movement rather than just a


What is it you want to help other people achieve? What is it that your audience dreams of and how can you tap into that?

I will love to read your thoughts….leave them on the comment box.

Until Next Time…..Keep Smiling xx.

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