Lesson Two – What’s The Problem?

Feb 07

Welcome to the second lesson. Hope you found the first lesson useful. Did you manage to find your niche yet? Weldone to you!

Today’s lesson is on What’s the problem? Not YOUR problem, what problem do people in your niche have? Or perhaps more correctly, what problems do people in your niche have, that you could design a high-ticket home study course to solve?

Of course, the answer to that question is going to largely depend on what niche you’re targeting. Generally, though, the sort of solutions people are looking for enable them to do whatever they’re looking to do better, cheaper, faster, more efficiently, more satisfyingly etc.

So how do you find out your target market’s biggest problem?

There are several ways:

One is to look on niche forum sites. Just do a search in Google for [your niche] + forum. Spend some time “lurking” – that is just reading what people are posting on the site. You’ll find the same questions come up time and time again. Often a question gets asked, answered, and the thread gets pushed off the first page. When that happens, people come to the site, don’t see what they’re looking for right away and ask the question all over again. The same question often gets asked on different forum sites, too.

This is good. You can use this information in two ways:

First of all, you’ll know what questions are being asked and what problems are being discussed. Secondly, you can see what answers are being given. This can point you in the right direction when it comes time to do your own research. Take the answers that have been given, and delve deeper.

Another way is to look on Yahoo! Answers https://answers.yahoo.com/ .

Just do a search for keywords related to your niche and note the most frequently asked questions and the highest rated answers. Then delve deeper as above.


Research on the problems your niche are facing using google and yahoo answers and note them down!

Look out for your next lesson tomorrow!

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