Lesson Six – Breaking It All Down

Feb 19

Now you’ve got your strategy in place, and have some idea as to how long your course should be, it’s time to start dividing your course up into lessons, and preparing the materials.

As a general rule, lessons should be roughly the same length. You can either: Work out how long the course will be in its entirety and divide it by the number of lessons you want to teach. The resulting figure will be how long each lesson should be. Alternatively, you can do it the other way around: Set a time for each lesson, and divide that into the total time allotted.

If you’re delivering your course as a video course, then it’s better to use the second method, as factors like bandwidth and attention span come into play. If you’re hosting your course online via a third party provider, then it’s best to get guidance from them on this subject as they may have set standards that they expect you to follow.

The same applies if you’re going to be delivering your course personally via conference calls or webinars. There may be some time restrictions here, too, plus you don’t want to drone on too long as peoples’ attention will start to wander after a while.

If your course is written on a workbook or you’re including written materials alongside video or audio content, again the lessons or chapters should be of similar length. Most word processing systems can tell you the word count either in total or per section.

Use the outline we talked about the day before yesterday as the basis for your course, and modify it as much as necessary. This will serve as the blueprint for your course, and everything else will lead off of that.

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