lesson One – Identifying Your Niche

Feb 05

Today’s lesson is very crucial as it’s the most important when creating your high ticket course.

Identifying the niche you want to market to is crucial. Ideally, you want to find a niche that:

a) Is popular
b) Doesn’t have too many people selling home-study courses to it
c) Has people who can afford to buy a high-priced product.

That last point is probably the most misunderstood. As you’re going to be making and selling a high-ticket course, you want to make sure people can afford the high price tag and will see your product as an investment instead of an expense.

Let me give you an example:

Job seekers are a pretty big niche, and you might think a course on how to land the perfect job would be a good seller. But you would be wrong. Most job seekers are broke and that’s why they’re looking for a new or better job. They might spend a small amount of money, but that’s it. Their ideal price is free!

On the other hand,
Wealthy housewives are a much smaller niche. These are women who don’t work, and are looking for ways to fill the time while their kids are at school. Anything that would appeal to this niche and courses on hobbies, crafts, fashion, languages etc. would sell well. Money isn’t a problem for them. As long as you can demonstrate value for money, they’ll happily pay.

Cynical? No. Realistic? Yes.

Spend some time getting to know your chosen niche. Find out as much as you can about it. Then design your ideal customer. Build a picture of who he/she is and what sort of place they live, how much they earn, what sort of car they drive etc. and have all that in mind when you put together your course.


Brainstorm on the subject area you think you will be good at.

Look out for your next lesson tomorrow!

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