Lesson Five – The Answer To Your Question From Yesterday

Feb 10

When working out a strategy (like I explained yesterday) the one question that comes to mind for most people is: How long should my course be?

That’s not an easy question to answer as it depends largely on two factors:
* How much content your course has, and
* How long it will take client to implement the stages

Exactly what niche you’re targeting is something else to consider, too. If it’s a business related niche, the student will likely want to see results ASAP, so brevity is the key here. If it’s a hobby niche, then participation is what leads to pleasure, so you can adopt a more leisurely pace.

You also need to give some thought now as to how you’re going to be delivering this course. Are you going to let people have access to all the materials at once so they can work out a pace that suits them best? Or are you going to drip-feed the content in stages over time? If the latter, you’ll also need to factor in time for the student to complete the coursework before moving on to the next stage.

Is your course going to be delivered online or offline? If the former, are you going to deliver the course via your own website, or via a third party provider?

If you’re going to use a third party provider, which one are you going to use? You need to decide this now, as each provider has different standards and formats. You’ll need to make sure your course complies with them, or it will be rejected and all your hard work will be down the drain.

As you’ve probably gathered by now this is quite a complicated subject, and not one I can do justice to in a single e-mail. To help you out, I’ve devoted an entire chapter in my High Ticket Authority guide to it. You can find out more be enrolling on the course here:You can get access to it here. 


Look out for your next lesson tomorrow!


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