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  • Done For You (DFY)


DFY is designed for those who require a ready out of the box business tools to kick off their businesses. The DFY includes but not limited to the following:

  • A Professional Website+Blog With Ready Opt-In Forms
  • Creating Landing Pages
  • Creation and Designing of Social Media Pages
  • Digital Marketing Tactics For More Leads
  • Building of A Robust Membership Site For Your Online Course
  • Contents For Your Online Courses, Blog Articles and Social Media Platforms
  • E-Commerce Store For Your Products.


Do you need someone to take over your social media platforms/blog? Or do you need to send more traffic to your blog and grow your business? This package is for you!

  • 120 minutes session each month
  • Twitter management, monitoring and growth (5-10 tweets a day).
  • Facebook and Blog Post
  • Curating and Creating Contents
  • Tracking your website traffic
  • Minimum of 3 - 6 months contract
  • Visit Here For Social Media Services

DFY Clarity Call

Ok! You are not quite sure on the DFY you actually want...... I get it...Online Business can be quite technical and overwhelming at times but hey.......don't let that bother you because you've got me. I am here to help you sort that out! 

Or may be you actually know the right DFY you want......great Job! Now all you need to do is get on a twenty minutes free clarity call with me so as to get the real idea of the DFY that will suit you perfectly.


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