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How can you boost your self-confidence?

By PrincessChidimma | Personal Development

Do you know you are great at what you do? You’ve got a skill and expertise that makes you unique therefore you need to be proud about it and speak highly of it.

To be able to speak about your achievements, you need to have self-confidence in yourself.

Ways that can help you boost your self-confidence include:

  1. Create an accomplishment list
  2. Listen to feedback from friends and colleagues.
  3. Build a confidence backpack
  4. Try out physical posed to help you feel more confident.
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Blow Your Trumpet or Not?

By PrincessChidimma | Personal Development

Still on self-promotion……people find it quite hard to talk about their achievements.

How would people know about your experiences and talents if you don’t talk about it?

Speaking about hour accomplishments will not only give you confidence but will encourage others around you. The only way to ensure people know about your talents, strengths, experiences and accomplishments is by speaking about it.

Self-promotion has nothing to do with boasting, bragging or being pushy. It’s about recognising your personal achievements and shat makes you extraordinary.

It can be quite challenging to speak openly about your achievements but have in mind that speaking about it can help others appreciate your skills and experiences.

What are the qualities that makes you remarkable?

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By PrincessChidimma | Personal Development

Many of us struggle with self-promotion due to the misconception we have about it.

Unfortunately, we’ve all been made to understand that self-promotion is all about bragging and being too proud therefore one shouldn’t do it as you may be conceived as being arrogant.

Most people shy away from self-promotion as they feel it’s bragging and scared of what people would say about them. Instead, they’d sooner try and wait for someone to recognise their achievements before promoting them.

Well, you may be pleased to know that self-promotion is actually not being arrogant but simply showcasing your skills which could be beneficial to people and organizations.

Self-promotion enables you to showcase your uniqueness which gives you a competitive advantage over others especially in circumstances where you are seeking employment, promotions, publicity, endorsements etc.

The more accurately and confidently you speak about your talents, potentials and accomplishments, the more likely the person you are speaking to will make accurate rulings about you.

Self-promotion can help reveal your untapped potentials.

Your best public relation is you! Knowing this is the first step to becoming an expert self-promoter.

Stay tuned for the next two post on Self-promotion.

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