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Lets Talk About You

The norm on “about us” page is for the company or business to say everything about them and what they do and all that. 

Hello……you are not going to read all that here because this page is all about you…..yes you reading this :). 

I know you may have struggled to breakthrough in your daily endeavours all to no avail or you have been planning to start a business, a career, etc but have no clue on what to do. You may have an idea but you don’t know how to birth it…….well I am pleased to let you know that all those struggles, frustrations, lack of ideas, lack of knowledge, lack of proper direction etc are over starting from NOW. 

Yes it’s over because you have come to the right place where you can acquire all the appropriate information you need to excel in your daily life, your business, your education, your career. Right Information is power and the key to success. Without the right information, sense of direction and lack of collaboration with the right people, you will definitely struggle to breakthrough. Gone are the days when everyone thinks that every information you need comes from the four walls of the university. 

You can still bag all the qualifications you need but not having the right information for anything you plan to achieve in life is like walking in the middle of nowhere. Having said that, practicality goes hand in hand with the right information. When you get the right information for what you are after, the next step is to put it into practice and BOOM……your success is just in front of you.

I am able to say all these because I have been there, I have struggled in the past to breakthrough, made several mistakes because I didn’t have the correct information to progress. If I had the kind of information I have now many years ago, I'm sure I wouldn’t have struggled that much.

Information Is King But We don't use it right....

Someone may say…..oh search engines are there, you can get any information you want on search engines! Oh yes you are right in the sense that search engines can give you loads of information but having the right useful information, guide and knowing how to put it to use is the key. 

I always searched for practically everything on Google, got some information but was it the right information for me? Did it help me breakthrough? Was it practical and organised?

You see, getting the information is one, having the right information for your daily achievements and knowing how to maximise it for your benefit is another thing. You could get information from everywhere but putting it together to be useful to you could be daunting and quite overwhelming. When you are starting off a business, career, education etc., you may be full of enthusiasm and probably be bombarded with lots of information which is quite overwhelming and will end up leaving you more confused without achieving anything positive.

This is why I'm here to help you unleash those potentials you've got!

A Hint About Me

From the beginning, I said this page is not about me but all about you……having said that,I think it will be ideal to tell you about me so as to enable you know exactly whom you will be working with which may motivate you a bit and might make you feel comfortable with me. My name is Princess Chidimma. I'm sure you will be wondering why "princess"? Well, my father is a crowned king of my hometown in Eastern Nigeria which automatically makes me a crowned princess. I hardly say this but I feel it is important that you know so as to help you connect with me better. I am married and blessed with two adorable cuties. I live in the United Kingdom with my family.

Qualification:- I have natural flare for Information Technology which made me bag an MSc in Information Technology from the University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom, a BSc in Public Administration, a certificate in Business Consulting, a Prince2 certificate in project management. Due to my passion in helping people unleash their potentials, I felt it was wise to gain a teaching qualification which has helped me bag a Professional Graduate Certificate in Education hence, making me a qualified Lecturer.

As you can see, I am qualified in various areas which will make you understand that I have the capability to help you unleash your potentials in various ways.

Experience: I have over 15 years experience in Public Administration, and over 10 years experience in Information Technology where I have worked in areas of online businesses which includes e-commece, website and graphic design, content marketing and social media marketing.

With my experiences in the past years and my various knowledge, I deemed it fit to put together what I have learnt in the past years so as to help you breakthrough in your business. Before these achievements, I must confess that it hasn’t been an easy journey but all the effort did pay off at the end. Having struggled to become what I am today despite my many qualifications,I am here to help you and make positive impact in your life so that you won't have to make the same mistakes I made. I will love to see you succeed. I will love to see your dreams materialise. I will love to see you gain financial stability. I will love to see you have lifestyle freedom following your chosen career.  I will love to see you use your knowledge to help others and make positive impact in other people's lives too. You may have struggled so much to the extent that you wanted to quit…..but hey it’s too late to quit now because you are here with me. Those frustration and struggle days are over! 

Take Action And See Positive Result... 

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