Do You Need Multiple Brands?

By PrincessChidimma | Branding

Do You Need Multiple Brands?

Let’s say you’ve created an app that’s going to change the world.

This app allows any smartphone to create a cup of tea out of thin air (just go with it). The app is called ‘SmartTea’.

Meanwhile, you also have other apps and you have your own business name that produces these. Your company is called ‘Unreal Creations’.

This now means that you actually have two brands. One of these brands is SmartTea and one is Unreal Creations.

Is this a good idea?

How to Benefit From Multiple Brands

If you go onto LinkedIn and set up an account for your business, you’ll be able to create both a company page and a ‘Showcase Page’. The Showcase Page is where you’ll be able to promote your individual apps and projects, while the Business Page is where you’ll just write about your actual business.

This also means that if you have five other apps, you can also create Showcase Pages for them.

LinkedIn is onto something here, because this is closer to how many companies work. You might have multiple websites, apps and services and each should have its own branding. Each might be aiming for a slightly different section of your market and each will have a different purpose and a different design.

This also means that if anything should happen to damage one aspect of your business, the others will still be able to survive. Perhaps the best example of this is Virgin. Virgin is a single brand that connects all the others and yet it can be split down into Virgin Media, Virgin Active, Virgin Atlantic and more.

A similar example would be Microsoft which has separate and distinct brands like Windows and Xbox. Even when Microsoft was struggling with its reputation, Xbox stood alone and managed to remain ‘cool’.

Think about creating multiple brands for each of your products and how this could help you to promote them!

Do you have a multiple brand? What are they called and what do they offer? Comment below!


Until Next Time!…Keep Smiling xx

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